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Small Group Training Classes

Small Group Training Classes

Participation in group classes has been shown to increase motivation in many participants. Our small group training classes just may be the push you need to begin (and keep) exercising.

Small Group Training Classes are designed for those who are comfortable with their movement patterns and enjoy working in small groups. They are built around meeting twice a week but can be modified based on the individuals in class and their needs. We offer two types of classes; Conditioning and Neuromuscular Strength. These hour-long classes are offered every day of the week and you can participate in both classes interchangeably.

Conditioning classes are geared towards getting your heart rate up and maintaining it. These classes are great for weight loss, cardiovascular health, overall body strength … even increasing bone density! The Neuromuscular Strength classes are built around the idea of gaining strength without gaining mass. We focus on big, heavy (modified per individual) lifts in the core of this class with accessory exercises to round it out. This class is great for those looking to increase strength, increase bone density, and get the body comfortable moving heavy things so it can function better in everyday life.

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