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Medically Integrated Programs

Medically Integrated Programs

We offer two versions of Pre-habilitation, or Pre-Hab:   General surgery and Orthopedic surgery. Our General Pre-Hab program is sponsored by Dr. David Lundy, a general surgeon and our Orthopedic Pre-Hab is sponsored by Dr. Todd Wente, an orthopedic surgeon. We have worked in conjunction with both surgeons to create these programs. Both versions of Pre-Hab are based off the scientific theory that increasing your health prior to surgery produces a better surgical outcome and shorter recovery time. For both the General and Orthopedic versions of Pre-Hab, the sooner you can get in to the program  the better. The best surgical and post-surgical outcomes have been seen when participants engage in Pre-Hab for 8-12 weeks prior to the surgery. There are many layers to the Pre-Hab process and each experience is unique and individualized based on the participant and their specific needs. No two surgeries or people are alike, and we take the utmost care to ensure that the experience is tailored to exactly what that individual needs.

Often, physical therapy can only treat patients to a certain point. Legally they are bound to treat what is prescribed for the patient. This is where we step in. Our Post-PT Rehab program is set up to take you from PT to full recovery through the use of proven methods to increase your health. We begin where PT ends and extend beyond the injury site to incorporate full body recovery and health. This program is sponsored by Dr. Christopher Gallus, an orthopedic spine surgeon.

Rehab-lite is a program dedicated to people who fall under several categories.  Our Rehab-Lite program is sponsored by Dr. Kiyoshi Yamazaki, a sports medicine physician. This program is a joint approach between Kinesiology and Massage Therapy to give targeted therapy to an injured area. The general duration of Rehab-Lite is 6-weeks, meeting once per week. Each session consists of a 30-minute Kinesiology appointment followed by a 30-minute targeted therapeutic massage session. The results from Rehab-Lite have been life changing for some people. We have seen improvements in pain reduction, movement and strength after participating in the Rehab-Lite program.

This program is sponsored by Dr. Kassandra McMillan, an OBGYN. This program is geared towards those who have, or want to prevent the onset of, osteoporosis. We work through a variety of techniques to positively impact bone health and trigger the growth of new bone. Through strength training and variations of impact work we can help stimulate bone regenerative cells that become dormant as we age and when we are exposed to certain medications and stimuli. Osteoporosis can afflict both men and women and this program is open to all individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

If you are planning on becoming pregnant, are pregnant or have recently (or not so recently) delivered a baby and are unsure how to exercise with your new or changing body then our pre- or post-natal coaching is for you. We offer guidance through your entire pregnancy on how to move your body safely. If you have had a baby we can coach you through returning to your pre-pregnancy fitness levels! This program is sponsored by Dr. Amanda Meyer, OBGYN.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage (LDM) is very gentle and safe for most individuals. Many surgeries result in some form of lymphedema as a result of lymph nodes being removed, jolted or damaged. This buildup of lymph in the body can cause pain and swelling in the affected area. Lymphedema can occur immediately post surgery or years later, but can be treated at any time after the symptoms occur. The gentle nature of this massage does not induce a stimulating effect on the body, but drainage results can be seen immediately in some cases. Getting treated for lymphedema using lymphatic drainage massage should occur at regular intervals until the drainage is complete. In some cases maintenance of lymph drainage should be performed at regular intervals to prevent recurrence. This program is sponsored by Dr. Clare French, an advanced laparoscopic surgeon.