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At HealthFit Gym, we approach health and fitness from a whole-body perspective. We not only want to make you stronger, but we also want to help make you feel better, from the inside out. Our team consists of Kinesiologists, Massage Therapists and Physicians/ Physician Assistants/ Nurse Practitioners who work in concert  with one another to ensure an approach to your health from every angle and aspect. Our kinesiologists work with clients individually, and in small groups, to provide a science-backed approach to fitness and exercise. They have worked together with physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners to coordinate exercise programs and modalities that meet the needs of various demographics, from youths to seniors.

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“I love HealthFit Gym because it’s clean, organized, and the equipment is always up to date. The staff is and has always been so helpful! Alyssa, Kirsten and Joby are an asset and great to interact with. Always a smile and a great sense of humor. I will have been going for two years next month and I couldn’t have made the progress I have without these trained professionals. THANK YOU to all that keep this place running as well as it does!”
-Richard R. (Kinesiology Appointment Participant)

Some of our favorite people! Join us for a class with this awesome group!

“I love HealthFit Gym and Family Practice! I have been working with the combined team of Physicians, Massage Therapists and Kinesiologists here for a couple of weeks now and the results for my knee are absolutely mind blowing. I had a meniscal repair done in 2015 while in the Army which ended up creating more issues than it fixed. I recently began the Rehab Lite program at HealthFit and my knee has shown 110% improvement! Now I am facing the bittersweet situation of my time coming to an end with my Kinesiologist, Joby, and Massage Therapist, Jen. The experience has been such a positive and great one that I don’t want it to end! The staff are all friendly and extremely knowledgeable, the facility is clean and has beautiful equipment and high-end machines, and the massages are amazing and relaxing too. I am so pleased with my results and am so grateful for everyone that has been a part of my recovery. I wouldn’t have gotten where I am today without HealthFit.”

-Alisha Perez


“The kinesiologists are awesome! I’ve never worked harder for smiling enthusiastic trainers!”
-Bobbie Ann (Small Group Training Participant)
“With the classes being small it’s easy to get individual attention when needed. Kirsten is very good at pushing you while being conscious of your limitations.”
-Steve N. (Small Group Training and Kinesiology Appointment Participant)

Free Evaluation

Our free evaluation is a great tool to determine your fitness direction. A certified HealthFit Kinesiologist will meet with you and discuss your medical history, goals, past exercise history and motivators to help guide you towards a healthier you!

Gym Membership

We are a full functioning fitness facility that is open to the public. Gym membership includes discounted rates on massage therapy, small group training, individual kinesiology appointments and our medically integrated programs.

Individual Kinesiology Appointments

These sessions range in duration from 30-60 minutes and can be purchased individually or in packages of multiple appointments. They are designed for those seeking an individualized approach to health and fitness.

Small Group Training Classes

Our kinesiologists hold small group training classes every day, Monday through Friday. These classes are open to four participants per class to allow our kinesiologists to assess each individual personally. These classes can be adapted to any fitness level and are accessible to all!

Massage therapist

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is an amazing tool for creating a healthy, happy lifestyle. The benefits don't stop at stress relief, there are many ways that massage therapy can benefit you!

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Lymphatic drainage massage (LDM) is a form of massage therapy that can be used for a variety of reasons. If you get sick often, experience edema, are stressed, depressed, get fatigued regularly or have trouble sleeping this modality can aid in decreasing these symptoms.

Medically Integrated Programs

Our medically integrated fitness programs encompass the dual aspect of exercise and medical guidance to give you an unsurpassed level of comfort compared to other programs.