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Dynamic vs Static Stretching

Everyone can benefit from stretching exercises.  Stretching is an important part of physical fitness.  Without stretching our muscles, joints become stiff and increase risk of injury.  Before you begin stretching, it is important to know the difference between the two main types of stretches: dynamic and static.  Dynamic stretches are great as warm ups prior to exercise.  Static stretches are good for gaining more flexibility after the muscles have been properly warmed up.

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Stress in your body: address it – fix it.

Our bodies are designed to handle many types of stressors. In fact, some types of stress, like exercise, create positive adaptations in the body. Our body is strong and resilient and is constantly working to find balance in its systems. This balance is interrupted when chronic stressors are processed through the unconscious emotional centers in the brain. This interruption causes imbalances that limit our ability to heal and can cause physical issues. The reason the physical issues occur is because the body’s fight, flight, freeze response in the nervous system processes an emotional threat as if it’s a real physical threat, which becomes a catalyst for health problems as the body ages. What can we do about this? Well, learning and understanding stress and the mechanisms affecting our health empowers our ability to correctly diagnosis, treat and resolve symptoms. In his book The Mind Body Connection John Sarno writes, “Acknowledging the important role of emotions in health and illness, medicine must reexamine its concepts of disease causation.” ― John E. Sarno, Healing Back Pain: The Mind-Body Connection

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No Time? Get your workout in on the go or at home!

One thing we all seem to be short on is time. There is never enough time in the day to work, get the kids to school, eat, do the laundry, AND exercise. Something always falls short and it tends to be the most important thing, your health! Here are some tips, strategies and a bonus at home workout to help fuel your health flame.

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The Ins and Outs of Snacks

Overall, snacking seems to be looked at as a bad habit. However, there are ways to approach “snack time” with a little more purpose. Snacks can be the perfect place to incorporate some very nutrient dense foods to help fuel you throughout the day.  Healthy snacks between meals can also be a way to help control hunger between meals and help you avoid overeating at mealtimes.  Often, when choosing a snack, we go with what is most convenient without considering what the snack is doing for your body.  Being aware of how a healthy snack can fuel you and sustain your hunger is part of picking that perfect healthy snack.

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Meal Planning for a Healthy Week

Are you one of the many that struggle with your healthy eating habits as the week goes on? Does Wednesday come around and bring with it the fast food and quick snacks? If so, you are definitely not alone! As the week goes on our motivation diminishes and we get tired. Will power only goes so far, and if you aren’t prepared then it will falter quickly. If this sounds like you then meal planning may be something to consider.

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Should you Take a Vitamin D Supplement During the Summer?

Vitamin D, also known as the “sunshine vitamin” is a vital part of our lives. It is integral in the function of our muscles, immune system, nerves, bones and brain. Through various pathways, Vitamin D works to help keep us alive and functioning optimally every day.

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Summer Training for Outdoor Colorado Living

Summer time in Colorado is a great season to get outside and test our fitness against the best nature has to offer. Performing in the summer is most enjoyable when we are feeling our best and able to tackle the heavy demands of our summer endeavors, whether they be in the mountains, on a court, or in the water. Continuing to train our bodies up over the summer months can help us remain injury free, recovered, and feeling fit. Here are three strategies to help you utilize the formal setting of a gym to increase your summer performance.

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