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Breaking down “Kinesiology”


Breaking down “Kinesiology”

One of the biggest differences you will find at HealthFit Gym vs your typical box gym is our trainers, or rather, our kinesiologists. We want to make sure that you are getting the best of the best so that is who we hire. But what is a kinesiologist? What do they do? What makes them different than your typical personal trainer? We took some time to answer those burning questions in this article.


What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the scientific study of human movement. Kinesiology addresses physiological, biomechanical, and psychological mechanisms that affect movement patterns. Applying principles of Kinesiology helps us better understand underlying reasons for why we move as we do as individuals. Kinesiology can be applied to human health to improve and restore biomechanics, assist in the process of rehabilitation, and to teach techniques and strategies for general strength and conditioning. Kinesiology can take on many forms in many settings, and to achieve the be results is practiced alongside medical practitioners and therapists. Although many variables must be addressed while assessing an individual, here we will focus on the aspects that make Kinesiology an effective tool in recovery, performance, and overall function.

How can a Kinesologist be useful to me?

Kinesiology is unique in that it works to assess and address the underlying factors affecting our ability to perform and feel our best. Depending on the current ability, creating a body that feels and functions pain free with few limitations can be a process. Whether for sport, profession, and or quality of life a Kinesiologist will identify and help us recognize our default movement patterns. These are ultimately the driving factors outside of our awareness and once identified, a Kinesiologist will work to help resolve them. While many exercise practitioners focus on developing workouts and movements that can produce results, a Kinesiologist looks to give lasting results by improving posture, breathing, and structural integrity to keep the body’s joints and mechanical positions optimal during any movement practice.

Applying Kinesiology at Healthfit:

Healthfit intends to provide high quality results, while working alongside physician sponsored programs for Osteoarthritis, Joint Health and Bone Density Intervention. Kinesiologists teach movement progressions and routines that lead to sustainable improvements in mobility while decreasing joint pain. Our Post-Physical Therapy Recovery Program ensures progress while transitioning you back to physical activity. Studies suggest that participation in pre-habilitation for orthopedic surgery will improve recovery time, strength, and range of motion outcomes. This program involves customized programs detailed for each specific surgery. HealthFit’s general Strength and Conditioning small group training sessions give detailed plans and technique based instructions to give you the advantage in reaching your goal.



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