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We Can Feel Good

We Can Feel Good

We can feel good. We are meant to feel good. Pain and dysfunction in our bodies should be considered abnormal and essential teachers that need to be heard.

Most chronic physical ailments or pains are the symptoms of our neglect, not our body spontaneously falling apart. We cannot expect to be vital and strong, or be pain free, if we adopt behavioral patterns that negate our bodies ability to restore, renew, and balance. Our body can renew and restore its natural vitality easily if we give attention to the following four areas: sleep, movement, emotion, and nutrition. Simply creating a strategy to review how you approach each of these areas and how they feel for you is a great place to start making changes. Awareness promotes change! Becoming aware of our choices can be uncomfortable but is necessary for change and healing.This means, when we decide to participate in the health of our body and mind our body becomes an asset instead of a costly liability.

Movement and Exercise

Cultivate a movement and exercise regime. Your body, no matter the current condition can improve to a degree you have probably not imagined. Establish a firm belief in yourself and your body. Keep is simple, stay relaxed,be consistent, and you will succeed. Focus your efforts on 3 restorative workouts for every hard workout with high exertion. We do need to feel exertion, your body craves the release of all the feel good chemicals that higher intensity exercise provides. When reintroducing movement, work slowly. If you experience pain or chronic symptoms, know that becoming physical agains can be challenging and trust the intelligence and strength of your body.


Imagine the negative impacts of unhealthy eating as a stress on the body and healthy food as a positive source for renewal.Good eating positively influences the aging process and health of the brain. Timing, type, amount and source are all qualities to consider. Michael Pollen famously stated an excellent guiding principle for diet, “Eat real food. Not too much. Mostly plants”.


Lack of sleep will negatively affect every system in your body. Prioritize your sleep as your first option to feel good. Releasing tension in the body’s tissues requires a nervous system that is no longer perceiving a threat, provide your body the opportunity to feel safe and relax by slowly and consistently tuning down the noise and spending time reflecting and feeling instead of ruminating.

Happiness/Healthy Emotions

Deepok Chopra says, “Many of the invisible processes like thoughts, beliefs, and relationships affecting our emotions could be powerfully linked to gene expression, immune system, and reduced inflammation all of which have a profound effect on aging”. Learn to reunite with the activities and friendships that bring energy into your life. Prioritize the expression of your desires and dreams. Creating real happiness takes practice, patience, and work to better understand which of your behaviors/habits/patterns are the result of emotional trauma and are not creating happiness. This emotional work is essential to our health because of our emotional centers inseparable connection and influence on our physiology.

When we become distracted and aren’t aware of the development of negative habits, pain and dysfunction will manifest in the body. The key is learning individually to become aware of your habits and behaviors and what drives them. Identifying weaknesses allows use to turn them into strengths. Visiting a health practitioner like a Kinesiologist can be start in gaining a clear strategy on how to use these fundamentals better in your own life.


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