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Glucosamine, good for more than just joints?

Glucosamine, good for more than just joints?

Glucosamine has been studied for its effectiveness against many different things. Many claims have been made stating that it is an effective treatment for issues ranging from joint health, pain reduction from osteoarthritis, weight loss and more. Do you use this supplement in your daily vitamin ritual?

What is Glucosamine?

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Glucosamine is a naturally occurring chemical found in our connective tissue and the fluid surrounding joints. The supplemental form comes from shellfish or can be created in a lab. Studies have been done to try and determine its effectiveness against osteoarthritis, weight loss, joint pain reduction, glaucoma, multiple sclerosis and HIV/Aids. While this supplement has been proven effective against joint pain reduction and osteoarthritis, little evidence supports its effectiveness against the various other claims.


What does supplementing with glucosamine do?

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When you take a glucosamine supplement your body uses it as a part of the building blocks to create necessary chemicals associated with your joints. It is thought that the pain reduction comes from an increase in the cartilage and fluid surrounding the joints, however the exact methods are unknown. What is known is that individuals with osteoarthritis and major joint pain have found relief with this supplement. Several studies have shown that further degradation caused by osteoarthritis can be slowed by supplementing with glucosamine.
It has also been shown that supplementation with glucosamine can work similarly to over the counter pain medication such as NSAIDS. This process tends to take longer and requires consistent ingestion, but is a great alternative for those who can’t take NSAIDS.


Should I take it?

If you suffer from osteoarthritis or constant joint pain, glucosamine may be a great choice for you! As always, when thinking of taking a new supplement, consult with your doctor before making a decision. However, the research stands by this product as one that is effective against both ailments.


Our supplement

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